Crosscare – Private Care - Integrated, cost effective and innovative technology solution

Crosscare- Private Careis an integrated, cost effective and innovative technology solution for your practice. It also comes with option of being hosted by Belgravia H & C, which provides a flexible, scalable, state of the art technology while allowing you get on with what you do best – running your practice.

Crosscare is a renowned and proven practice management system that includes a full and complete clinical system:

  • Prescribing with drug interactions, contra-indications and warnings
  • A multi-location appointments system (available as local or hosted solution)
  • Integrated text and email messaging
  • Full clinical system with tailored clinical data entry windows, forms and templates
  • Crosscare internet portal – practice website integration for online services
  • Easy to view patient record with special alerts
  • Clinical coding system with support for Read Codes CTV3 and Snomed CT
  • Paperless TDL, LC and HCA test ordering and results
  • Integrated sales invoicing and administration module
  • Pharmacy module with dispensing and stock control
  • Crosscard – patient medical record card

Crosscare’s Private Care system can been implemented as a hosted solution; we host it, manage it, look after it, and back it up every night. It resides in a secure data centre with full resilience, and practices have their own data area and a number of network logins. As the system is centrally hosted, it can be accessed from anywhere with a standard internet connection. Private doctors can access it from their home, their usual practice premises, company premises when providing occupational health or corporate health services, consulting rooms if hired occasionally; in fact, anywhere.

There is no need for a complex and expensive file server, no need for network maintenance, no need for backups, no need to worry about data loss or physical security as we take care of that. It makes it simple for the doctor, but it’s also very flexible.

As private practices and clinics expand, they don’t have to worry about the cost of computer upgrades. There is no need for a new server and no need for an expensive communications solution to Head Office. Simply install a standard broadband connection, buy another network login and start work.