Crosscare – High Care - Proven and established hospice management system

Crosscare – High Care has been developed over a number of years to address the administrative and clinical needs of high care facilities, allowing them to move from paper based systems to paperless or paper-lite ways of working and is now the most widely used clinical system in high care facilities and hospices in the UK.

Given the specialised nature of their work, high care facilities require a software system that can cater for their specialised needs, whilst also ensuring the organisation can run effectively and efficiently.

A proven and established hospice management system, Crosscare High Care delivers real benefits through its rich functionality and ease of use. Crosscare is an extremely flexible paperless system whereby databases can be configured to closely match your business processes.

  • Full hospice administration module – catering for incoming referrals and multiple, concurrent episodes of care
  • Covers inpatients, outpatients, day care patients, home-based patients, hospital-based patients and those that require bereavement counselling
  • Caters for referral details, carers, friends and family members together with clinical requirements, special alerts and reminders
  • Full Rostering and Hospice at Home module allows nurses shift patterns to be scheduled, for both the in-patient and homecare teams
  • Full on-screen view showing the working week, with facilities to instantly adjust any available resource
  • Visits can be booked for the homecare team and cases automatically despatched to the nurse’s smartphone
  • Annual and sick leave can be entered highlighting any adjustment that need to be made to the roster
  • Comprehensive reporting function, with Crosscare providing standard KPI reports and summary sheets and analysis against previous years figures, together with breakdowns by number of data elements
  • Single screen organisational overview gives management the capability of seeing what is going on in the facility at any one time