How can you enhance your financial efficiency, visibility and control?


Not all financial software systems are the same. The complexities of a care organisation are often not catered for in traditional accounting solutions, and this can lead to a lack of visibility and control. On top of which a tailored healthcare financial management solution can be costly and difficult to integrate which other key systems through out an organisation. 


Belgravia Health and Care - OpenAccountsOpenAccounts provides a financial accounting solution geared towards care services, that allows finance departments to enhance their financial efficiency and visibility while remaining in full control ofthe overall finance function.

OpenAccounts provides electronic access to collaborative financial data. It provides forms-based access which mirrors real life processes and provide valuable, accurate management information across the entire organisation in real time.

OpenAccounts will help:

  • reduce operational and finance loads
  • improve the effective use of information
  • empower non-financial users
  • deliver a single integrated system

Other solutions:

CareSys is a complete software solution for the care industry, providing organisations with a single integrated system rich with operational, financial and management features.