Belgravia Health & Care Products

BH&C delivers the full suite of Advanced Health & Care’s innovative products. Browse the products below or find out how they can provide a number of solutions across different health and care sectors by visiting Solutions.


Belgravia Health and Care - AdastraAdastra is a leading patient management system utilised by multi-discipline and wide-area hub services managing out-of-hours and urgent care.

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Belgravia Health and Care - CareSysOdyssey TeleAssess supports call handlers to prioritise cases, form pre-diagnosis clinical assessments, and ensure that patients are quickly connected with advice or the care services that are most appropriate to their needs. Most Odyssey TeleAssess secondary triage calls are handled within six minutes.

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Belgravia Health and Care - StaffPlanStaffPlan is a versatile suite of rostering, administration, monitoring and point-of-care solutions for the community care industry.
StaffPlan is a cost effective, easy to use and flexible solution to help manage the increasing demand for community care.

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