Adastra - Leading patient management system

Adastra is at the beating heart of our secondary triage system, providing the end-to-end patient case management support needed to smoothly navigate a patient from their initial request for emergency assistance all the way through to resolution, referral or ambulance dispatch.

Adastra has the in-built capacity to identify frequent callers, and to quickly support a call handler to activate individualised care plans, as needed. Further, Adastra supports best-practice care, streamlined clinical handover, and provides service managers with a real-time view of departmental workload, workflow and service performance.

Connected seamlessly like the arteries and veins of a vascular system, Adastra is also the hub for clinical software integration, providing full interoperability with a range of software products, selected and configured to the specific needs of your service model. For ambulance service secondary triage, Adastra integrates with Odyssey TeleAssess.