How can you improve the visibility and accuracy of delivery of your care organisation?

How can you improve the visibility and accuracy of delivery of your care organisation, allowing you to act swiftly to identify and address compliance issues and improve processes?


With many different channels to deliver care it’s difficult to fins a solution that covers everything from fee for service in retirement villages or peoples homes through to residential high & low care and dementia.

The complexity of systems and processes that make up a care organisation can leave providers struggling to produce timely, accurate and insightful information. This lack of analysis can mean inefficiencies and inconsistent processes within an organisation are unable to be quickly identified and addressed.


Belgravia Health and Care - CareSysCareSys is acomplete software solution for the care industry.

It provides care organisations with a business specific application including financial, operational and management features encapsulated into a single integrated system. As a result Caresys can ensure constant information is shared across the organisation and can deliver significantly improved management information.

CareSys uniquely allows information to be shared cost effectively amongst any number of different people at different locations. CareSys takes advantage of the growth high speed internet and uniquely adds the ability to interact with database information over the internet, without any complex IT infrastructure.

The key modules in CareSys include:

  • Time & Attendance
  • Person Centred Care
  • Staff HR
  • Finance
  • Care Scheduling
  • Equipment Maintenance
  • Payroll
  • Behaviour Support
  • Income / Billing
  • Enquiries / Marketing

Other solutions:

Crosscare is a fully configurable clinical management system, with specifically designed solutions for the management of high-care and hospice facilities, private practices, and corporate clinics.

Staffplan is a versatile suite of rostering, administration, monitoring and point-of-care solutions for the community care industry. Staffplan is a cost effective, easy to use and flexible solution to help manage the increasing demand for community care.

Adastra is a leading patient management system utilised by multi-discipline and wide-area hub services managing out-of-hours and urgent care.