Crosscare - Comprehensive, fully configurable clinical management system

Crosscare is a comprehensive, fully configurable clinical management system.

Crosscare has been designed with high care, private care and corporate care applications specifically in mind. For all of these purposes, the same core product is delivered, but the flexibility of the system and commitment of our implementation team means that each customer can create an individually tailored product.

  • Crosscare – High Care has been developed over a number of years to address the administrative and clinical needs of high care facilities, allowing them to move from paper based systems to paperless or paper-lite ways of working and is one of the most widely used clinical system in the UK hospice market.
  • Crosscare- Private Care is an integrated, cost effective and innovative technology solution for private practice. It also comes with option of being hosted by Belgravia H & C, which provides a flexible, scalable, state of the art technology that might otherwise be out of reach for many private practices.
  • Crosscare – Corporate Care provides a fully hosted web accessed clinical software system that allows the monitoring of patient conditions and subsequent treatment. Appointment reminders can be sent directly to employee’s email accounts, and they can complete questionnaires online without even having to visit the clinic. Powerful analysis tools allow the monitoring of reasons for sickness, and can inform preventative programs accordingly.

Crosscare’s Core Modules consist of:

  • Clinicians Desktop
  • Medication Management
  • Audits and Reports
  • Appointments
  • Data security
  • Pharmacy Stock Control
  • Document Management
  • Language Support