How can you improve patient safety through improved communication and better management of records?


With increasingly busy healthcare services and growing staff numbers, it is now more important than ever that care organisations ensure they have a clinical management system that gives them the tools to effectively manage patient medication and help eliminate mistakes.


Belgravia Health and Care - CrossCare

Crosscare is a comprehensive, fully configurable clinical management system.

Crosscare has been designed with high care, private care and corporate care applications specifically in mind. For all of these purposes, the same core product is delivered, but the flexibility of the system and commitment of our implementation team means that each customer can create an individually tailored product

Medicine Management has become a big issue within healthcare, so Crosscare is designed to help eliminate mistakes.

One of Crosscare’s core modules is Medicine Management, which includes a drug database of over 20,000 drugs, preparations and appliances. Whenever a drug is prescribed or added to a patients’ regime, automatic checks are performed for drug interactions, drug doubling, contraindications, precautions and warnings, together with sensitivity and allergy checking.

To further minimise prescribing errors, individual formularies can be created, minimising stock requirements and maximising value for money.

Flexibility and integration are key
parts of the Crosscare solution. There is full integration with the Dispensing module, including the automatic display and handling of stock levels; the Ward Management module ensures that only the correct drugs are available at the right time of day; Crosscare Express allows patients to re-order their prescriptions through a kiosk facility, and internet access allows them to order on-line.

Other solutions:

CareSys is a complete software solution for the care industry, providing organisations with a single integrated system rich with operational, financial and management features.

Adastra is a leading patient management system utilised by multi-discipline and wide-area hub services managing out-of-hours and urgent care.