How can you control supplier costs and track your assets to ensure they being managed to their full lifecycle?


Villages and facilities are loaded with essential and varied assets and equipment. Keeping servicing up to date, tracking the lifecycle and ensuring compliance can be difficult to manage across an entire facility, and it can often be hard to get a comfortable level of visibility across all assets. This lack of visibility and reporting can allow inefficient or dangerous maintenance practices to develop posing potential risk to both patients and staff. Even with a rigorous facility management program keeping supplier costs down can take up an excessive amount of management time.


Belgravia Health and Care - CareSysCareSys is a complete software solution for the care industry.

It provides care organisations with a business specific application including financial, operational and management features encapsulated into a single integrated system.

As a result CareSys can ensure constant information is shared across the organisation and can deliver significantly improved management information.

One of the core modules of CareSys is Equipment Maintenance. CareSys can be used to keep track of any asset in an organisation, including managing service schedules, inspections and required tests. Equipment allocated to staff or clients can be tracked against the individual. Any costs incurred can be posted to the purchase ledger, whether using the CareSys Finance module or a third party accounting system. Job sheets are available to allocate work to maintenance workers. There is also a fully flexible assessment process to allow risk assessments of any kind, such as water born disease in heating systems and compliance of electrical systems.

Other solutions:

Cross Care – High Care is a proven and established clinical management system for high care facilities delivering real benefits through its flexibility, rich functionality and ease of use.