How can your staff deliver government funded services efficiently?


The delivery of services on behalf of the government requires a comprehensive system that consolidates accurate health-check data and client information.  Ensuring centralised data that links into allied health, GP and your systems is vital for the ongoing provision of these services


Belgravia Health and Care - Crosscare

Crosscare is a comprehensive, fully configurable care management system.

Crosscare has been designed with preventative health initiatives specifically in mind. The flexibility of the system and commitment of our implementation team means that each customer can create an individually tailored product.

Crosscare can provide a fully hosted web accessed software system allowing the monitoring of DVA conditions and subsequent treatment. Appointment reminders can be sent directly to a client’s email accounts, and they can complete questionnaires online without even having to visit your clinic. Powerful analysis tools allow the monitoring of reasons for sickness

Other solutions:

Staffplan is a versatile suite of rostering, administration, monitoring and point-of-care solutions for the community care industry.  Staffplan is a cost effective, easy to use and flexible solution to help manage the increasing demand for community care.