How can home care services be improved and expanded, in order to help more people with a disability retain their independence?


In home care can provide invaluable support for people living with disabilities, allowing them to retain their independence and quality of life. However organisations providing home care services for people living with disabilities often struggle to accurately monitor, coordinate and communicate with their mobile workforce. Through improved communications a real opportunity exists for these organisations to not only provide more efficient care, but also expand services to assist more people.


Belgravia Health and Care - StaffPlanThe StaffPlan solution provides a range of rostering, administration, monitoring and point-of-care tools for the home care industry. Staffplan’s proven solutions help organisations unlock the potential time and cost savings of a mobile workforce.

The Staffplan suite focuses on communication and the delivery of live data, which allows not only for greater efficiency from mobile workers but can actually help improve the quality of care being provided.

Rostering and administration solutions include:

  • StaffPlan Roster – an advanced rostering and business administration system that is completely intuitive and easy to learn and use.
  • StaffPlan OnCall – live mobile access to key data relating to service users, care workers and visit rosters. Available on a PDA/smartphone device, PC or laptop.
  • InfoMap Navigator – enables StaffPlan Roster to automatically calculate mileage expenses.
  • Conduit API – web-based solution supporting secure and reliable data exchange between StaffPlan Roster and third-party systems.

Monitoring and ‘point-of-care’ solutions available include:

  • iConnect – delivers live schedules and service user information to care workers and captures data, including arrival and departure times with a simple touch-in/touch-out system linked to their mobile phone.
  • StaffPlan Monitor – an effective low cost electronic monitoring solution based on landline telephones

Other solutions:

iConnect is a revolutionary mobile solution enabling real-time communication between care workers and office staff.

iNurse is a patient management system which enables community nursing teams to record and communicate patient care information using handheld devices.