Odyssey TeleAssess supports call handlers to prioritise cases, form pre-diagnosis clinical assessments, and ensure that patients are quickly connected with advice or the care services that are most appropriate to their needs. Most Odyssey TeleAssess secondary triage calls are handled within six minutes.

Safety is our number one priority. Odyssey is continually updated to align with the latest clinical evidence. Clinical decision-making is fully auditable through the system, reducing risk and supporting consistency and within clinical governance guidelines. We are proud to be fully NICE accredited.

Rather than drawing on a narrow linear algorithm like other decision-support systems on the market, Odyssey’s comprehensive and continually updated clinical questions sets provide a framework for clinical assessment according to Bayesian logic. This mimics the more natural flow of clinical assessment, and assists clinicians towards a differential diagnosis with clear rationales for lines of diagnostic inquiry.

Although Odyssey doesn’t take the place of a qualified health professional, the tried and tested system does help to minimise errors of omission or oversight. Clinical call handlers continue to draw on their own expertise and style of communication, and Odyssey encourages open, patient-centred questioning.

The clinical prompts and guided responses cater to the assessment of multiple symptoms simultaneously, and data can be added in any order.