Belgravia Health & Care are presenting an information session with Professor Jeremy Dale.  Jeremy is the Professor of Primary Care at Warwick Medical School, UK.

Jeremy Dale   The session will be held in Sydney on Friday the 23rd of October

Jeremy will be focusing on using tools such as Odyssey to provide triage decision support underpinned by Bayesian logic for Aged Care.

This logic allows all relevant information to be examined simultaneously via a framework rather than through a restrictive algorithmic pathway.

Multiple symptoms can be analysed simultaneously to give a final overall outcome, ensuring client focus and risk management within a short timeframe. The Bayesian approach ensures potentially life threatening or serious conditions are quickly identified and dealt with appropriately.

For less serious conditions, clients or their families can have self-care safely recommended to them, with advice communicated in a way they can easily understand. The ability to supply the user with clear, unambiguous recommendations relevant to age, gender and symptoms is a key element of this system. Facility staff can also use its online symptom checker which can be accessed via the web or on their smart phones.

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